Gunya is a place of learning and healing.  We follow the notion that if you can think, imagine or dream it, then it is possible. this year, 2020, is a number 22 year. A year for illumination in action. A Year to create in action a new system. to act in accordance with the full illumination of our souls and destiny. we find ourselves in a time of climate change, warfare and disillusionment with the current leadership system. we can do it the hard way and change the current sysystem or we can create a new system, in line with our true paths. 

At Gunya we intend to provide education and tools which will support you to reconnect with your true selves. whether this be delivered through our teachings or our 1 on 1 consultations, will be determined by you. . 

This year we are reopening Gunya to community members. Members will be able to attend classes in Meditation, Yoga practises, Unschooling Gatherings, Byodynamic Gardening, Healing Circles, Art Classes and a variety of workshops. Workshops will include teachings of Empowerment, Astrology, Numerology, Conscious Parenting, Healing Arts ...

Each year Great Spirit delivers my teachings for the year. These then reflect on to the approach we take with Gunya. This years teachings are based on deprogramming our behaviours. The steps involved in attaining this include reaching a level of awareness in order to recognise the programmed behaviours as they present. the next step involves changing the behaviour to be more in alignment with your soul's journey.  

 At Gunya we live under our own Constitution...Respect for ourselves, respect for others and Respect for our Environment. We are now living under the soverignity of this land upon which we are caretaking. to live under the assumption that it is the lore of the land that guides us rather than the law of corporate Australia.

Our School of Evolution was established in 2008.  We were granted acceptance by the local council, state government and education department. This year our Unschool classes will continue. We will also be welcoming the Peaceful Project to our site. Retreats and workshops will also be run by a variety of teachers. The advertising tool we are using may be found on Facebook: Gunya Learning n Healing Centre and this website.

With our entry into the year of the Rat, our healing is moving in to a time of abundance. The rat stores his/ her abundance for later use. In line with the 22 = 4 year numerologically, we are working towards using this abundance to set a foundation for our future.

 Our clinic offers services available include Behavioural Consultancy for children and families, Craniosacral Treatments, Wholistic healings, Past Llife Regressions, Astrology and Numerology readings, Tarot Readings, and Spiriual Counselling. 

it is time for change. It is time to provide a place for families who are choosing to not vaccinae our children with pharmaceuticals. Our under 7 year old play groups will start up this year. If you are a child or adult whom would like to learn something, please contact us via our facebook page and we will work towards accessing those teachings for you,

we are  in the process of building this site so we ask for your patience as we do this...for you. Without you there would be no need to be us.



We are excited to reopen Gunya on Sunday March 22nd from 9-5

Program for the day

9 am Yoga with Jenny

10am Meditation Techniques with Jo Nightingale 

11.11 am Attuning Mind and Body...harp and sound with Margaret Ross

12.30  Welcome to Country...Opening Ceremony

1.30pm  Hyridaya Centre

2.30pm Unschooling with the kids

3.30 Crystals with Laur

4.30  Mens group with Rhys



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