What are the principles we work from?

Gunya is situated on the land of Aboriginal Spirituality. Therefore we are governed by this powerful energy. Tthe land Gunya sits upon is governed by ancestors of the Gaya and Ngaro tribe, nation. The belief of the land is that it owns us, we do not own it. We are caretakers of it. Whilst we work and live on it we are in respect to the guidance it provides. Within Aboriginal spirituality, specific land spaces were used for specific learnings, daily practises. Gunya's energy is about healing and learning. People who have come to Gunya have found that it is not possible to be there without going within.

It is with great respect to the ancestors and people of theGaya and  Ngaro nation, that we present opportunities for people to  heal and so learn within the sanctuary of Gunyan energy. We live on this land with repect to the environment, ourselves and others. No living beings are intentionally harmed within this sanctuary and environmental practises are used. 

We recognise that the ancient teachings all carried important information. Unfortunately a lot of this was lost through translation. At Gunya we attempt to teach the purity of these teachings. Respecting that each and everyone has its merits. Thus welcoming an open approach to all religions, beliefs and ways. Providing an environment where you become the judge and interpreter.A safe place for you to come into understanding your true nature and to receive the ability to know what is already within you.

Gunya is a place for all and any members of our human family to collaborate notions and skills for healing and learning anything about everything .

This presentation of teachingsarein the form of you tubes...downloads.....internet based...We will be accessing the Aquarian tool of technology with eventual teachings being transmitted on a telepathic level....without the need of the machines...

We would like to introduce below the teachers of Gunya.....

Teachers of Gunya 2020

Jo Nightingale

Hi all. I am a Medicine Woman who's soul purpose in this life is to support humanity in reaching a higher evolved state. I am a mother of 4, now adult children and am the founder of Gunya Learning n Healing Space. I teach according to Great Spirits guidance such topics as Meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Astrology, Numerology plus more esoteric teachings such a time travel...

My passion is in working with children and parents. I provide consultation to parents to support them in hearing their children's behaviours. i also provide a platform for children's learning through the Unschooling Gatherings and various other classs. i believe that our children are the gifts for our future.

Peaceful Project



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