Gunya Constitution


To respect ourselves, others, and our environment.”


Gunya is a place of healing and learning. Where people can join, network, learn and heal with each other. Our belief is that we do not own the land but that the universe provides places where people can perform various ceremonies. Gunya is a place which has been provided for healing, teaching/learning to take place.




To honour ourselves. That is, to behave, make decisions, and go about our daily lives in respect to ourselves. By respecting ourselves we are able to show others how we would like to be treated. For instance if we show respect for our bodies by eating nutritional food then others observing us may recognise that feeding us non-nutritional food at dinner time is not being respectful.



Communal area:

The aim of this area is for people to gather, network and share their time. It is important that all people and animals feel safe in this environment.

·         Appropriate language and conversation will be honoured whilst children are present.

·         The taking of any hard drugs will not be tolerated at Gunya.

·         Those intoxicated will be asked to return to their own dwellings or to leave the property if their behaviour is believed by others to be having a negative impact on our children, animals or ourselves.

·         The using/consuming of substances (eg.alchohol,smoke...)in the communal area will only be tolerated accordingly with others acceptance of the behaviour resulting from someone chooses to drink alcohol in the communal area and then proceeds to be noisy, present behaviours which make others uncomfortable, then they will be asked to leave the setting immediately. If they choose not to leave then after being asked 3 times they will then be escorted off the property and told to remain away until a decision is reached by the community, regarding their resident/visiting status.

·         Any behaviours resulting in others not feeling comfortable may firstly be discussed between the involved people. If a resolution may not be found a neutral person may be asked to be a part of the problem solving. Unresolved issues may be presented to the community. These problems may also be brought up at the weekly family meeting if they are found to affect the community.

·         Whilst classes are being held in the Temple, those wishing to be in the communal area will need to be respectful in the noise, disruptions they present. A Timetable of classes may be viewed on the blackboard in kitchen area , next to temple.


People wishing to become residents at Gunya will need to verbally apply through a voting resident/member. That verbal application will then be put to the other residents. A decision will be made by the residents. If accepted, that person will be given a 4 week probationary time to stay. if during this 4 weeks, members of Gunya find the applicants behaviour to be unacceptable and without possible resolution, then the applicant will be asked to leave.

During the 4 weeks members of Gunya and the applicant will communicate about any issues as they happen. If after 2 weeks all members and applicant feel that the applicant is living honourably and within the constitution guidelines, have been able to sucessfully resolve any problems, and feel comfortable and safe with the applicant staying, then the applicant may become a resident. However, until they have been a resident for a year they will not hold decision making power for the entry of other applicants. 

Temporary Residents

At present we are not accepting any temporary residents.





Consists of our separate homes/dwellings, the Temple, Animal enclosures, shed, duck pond, nursery, and gardens.

·         Dwellings- places where individual families can dictate their own boundaries within the ethos of Gunya. eg.only use environmentally friendly cleaning products, no trees/living plants to be removed without consultation with community, any building structures to be made in consideration to there impact on the environment and safety of others.....

-to set up grey water in a way that least impacts on the environment, animals and others.

-to use electricity in consideration to the earth which we live upon.

-to eventually come off the grid and be self sufficient with our energy production

·         Resources’-to financially provide for share of electricity, gas ...

-all people to provide own laundry liquid, toiletries....

-only environmentally friendly products to be used of phosphates, limited in sulphurs, no colours, preservatives. In consideration of our environment. Would u eat plants which have been fed that grey water?


·         The Temple Verandah to be kept clear of materials,

-Those using the Temple verandah to clean up immediately after using it. “Leave it as u find it.”


·         Duck Pond – to respect the current ecological set up at all times

-plant food forest

·         Gardens- roster in Temple kitchen for watering

-use bore water for watering

-scrap food to be placed in worm farm, chickens, ducks...


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