Meditation Techniques

February 27, 2013

MEDITATION….a Peace of Mind


You may have heard the word awareness being thrown around. What does this mean? There are many interpretations, mine is simple. To be in every moment. Not just physically but mentally, energetically, emotionally and, eventually, karmically. Why, you may ask, bother ?  You may have noticed that our brain , thinking, is going faster than ever before. That we often find ourselves lost in logic. That we have more decisions to make than ever before and less basis on which to make them.

We are going through major shifts in energy at this current moment. This is effecting our ability to function effectively, using the skills we once used. Let me give you a bit of background information at this point. For a very long time we have been functioning in a physical, 3d dimension. Whilst functioning on this level we were able to use our intellect to make decisions. The energy was very yang and so logic orientated and moving forward and achieving focus. Thus long sighted thinking was encouraged. We would often here the question …where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 2012 we shifted from 100s of years of masculine consciousness into divine feminine consciousness. You may have noticed over the past few years that women have been rising in their power. Unfortunately, they have yet to learn how to do this with goddess energy and so are still using ego based male energy to express this rise in energy. With time this will settle down and the new feminine ways will be relearnt.

So what does it mean to now be sitting in female consciousness? It means that the energy surrounding us is of yin / feminine vibration. When it comes to the mind, this energy is said to come from the right side of the brain. The right side also governs creativity, intuition, unconditional love and awareness. What this means then is that we are swimming in a pool of vibration which supports all of these skills / ways. As you can imagine, they do not enhance yang, directional, aggressive, power driven, logical skills /ways of thinking.

At the same time as this shift has occurred in consciousness, we are also going through two other shifts. The first being the shift from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age. This shift has been occurring for quite a while and will continue to do so. The Piscean age involved us swimming together. If our mate hit a brick wall then we would help them by taking the bricks down, 1 by 1, together. A good friend was someone you could count on to drop everything if you needed was a time of swimming in emotion, together. Like a Piscean we all felt each others pain and so went out of our way to support each other so that this pain would stop.

The Aquarian age is presented with a man holding his emotions within a bucket. He has the choice on where to pour his emotions. It is a time of becoming aware of the bigger picture. Rather than getting caught up in the individual emotions, it is about finding solutions in an objective way. A time of learning to stand beside yourself, observe the situation and then make a decision , free of emotions / judgement. How does this new age look? When our fellow mankind hits a brick wall, we no longer help them with the bricks but instead encourage them to find their own solutions. In not helping them we are showing them trust and unconditional love , knowing that by not helping them we have allowed them to learn a new skill there and then: In that exact moment. For example, in the Piscean age I would have helped my best friend to deal with a relationship break-up by listening to her and bringing her chocolates. We may have worked through the whole process together, until a solution was found. In the Aquarian age, I would acknowledge her recent difficulty and suggest that she go within to see the bigger picture. Then I would remove myself until she had found her own solution, trusting throughout the process that she would finds the right solution for herself, something I would have no ability to do since I am not her. After she had solved the problem we may recognise how important it was for her to have gone within to find her own answers and how much this process had helped her in so many areas of her life. That her bigger picture had improved as a result of this recent experience..

The second major shift we have recently passed through is that of ascension. The Mayans alluded to this with one of their 200 calendars which culminated in 2012. As we move more n more into an energetic field, the dimension in which we function becomes comparative to the way in which we are functioning. We have learnt that by directing our consciousness, and so expanding it into our subconscious domain, we are able  to raise the level of our vibration. In doing so we find it harder to maintain a 3 dimensional dense vibration. How that looks is that we are becoming more intolerant to foods of a dense vibration ( eg. Processed food, unorganic foods, gmo foods…), people caught up in continuous dramas, environments heavy with chaotic energy. Instead we will be more drawn to nature, raw and organic foods and people who are of a higher vibration.

We are also becoming intolerant to dense vibration people, places and situations. You may find yourself becoming very selective of where you choose to go, with whom and what you do when you get there. Those of you who are experiencing these intolerances have most probably ascended. The Palaidean agenda talks of the 4th dimension as being a place of the dream world and a potential place of delusion. It seems that those of us who have ascended have passed through into the fifth dimension. Others have stopped at the 4th dimension and seem to be existing within a delusion of their own creativity. The Paladians have been said to have passed through also, but many years before us.

So why are we looking at ascension? From my understanding, the next level of transition is transcension. This involves us coming to know the all of us. Thus, coming into knowing with ourselves on many levels. They may include us from past lives, future lives, other dimensions and from other galaxies. As we join together our knowing from all of these levels, I feel that we will pass through into transcension. We will pass through as a multidimensional being.

From what I have learnt in my meditations, the higher vibrations are on a very different energy wave to what we exist on. They are of the vibration of music and colour / light. I am not aware when the next shift is coming but I do realise that we seem to be on earth in order to evolve. So knowing that this is the next octave we are to pass into makes sense to me that this is why we will experience what we will. Only time will tell.

Are all of these shifts interlinked? Is there significance within their timing. I believe that through meditation, and so becoming aware, you can find the answer to this yourself.

So why talk about this in an introduction to meditation book? I feel it is imperative that we all spend regular time in meditation. That we make it a daily practise, just as we do with brushing our teeth or having a shower. What I hope to have shown you by presenting the shifts is that no matter what level you are at, meditation is a tool which will support you in working towards a more manageable, peaceful, inspiring life. Whether you choose to meditate because your brain is too busy or whether you meditate in order to reach towards transcension, it is all comparative to where you are on your path at that particular time.

So what is meditation?

Meditation is an experience which allows you to practise being in the present moment. There are many techniques to do this and they come from many different belief systems. The Buddhists believe in impermanence and live according to their dharma. They present a number of differing techniques. One is Vipassanna. This style was said to be taught by Buddha as he lay ready for death. It involves a silent meditation in which a technique is used to scan the body of samsaras and then to release them. Samsaras being the negative energies you have stored in your body over time, both on a physical and karmic level. To learn this technique retreats are held worldwide. They last for approx. 10 days and in that time there is no talking or eye contact. Much time is spent in learning this technique, meals and accommodation are provided, at a cost of a donation, throughout this process. It is a form of Stabilising Meditation.

One of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism present 2 styles of meditation, analytical and stabilizing. In analytical meditation you analyse a notion / predicament during the meditation. So if for instance you were deciding whether to move house you would find a relaxing space with your meditation. Once there you would analyse both sides of the situation until a realisation hits you. It feels like an epiphany. Then it is the epiphany that you meditate on. The monks spend hours debating notions, taking both sides during this situation, and then meditate on what comes to them

The other style, Tibetan monks present, is Stabilizing meditation. In this technique concentration is placed on one thing. Whether it be a candle, yourself or the common practise, your breath. The aim here is to empty the mind and only focus on that one thing. Thus, becoming one with the moment and along the way recognising the emptiness, impermanence all around you.

The Hindu belief system uses chanting as a way of going within, meditating. They use music and sacred chants in their meditations. As do the Jains and some Buddhists. Christianity uses prayer for  their form of meditation. As do Muslims. Muslims pray to Allah in set ceremonies timed strategically throughout the day. The yogis incorporate meditation within their yoga practises

Recent times has seen many guided meditations released by Indigeneous and non- Indigenous people. Many spiritually enlightened people have released albums guiding people through Sanskrit chants in order to find that place within where time becomes of that moment.

So as you can see there are many types of meditations to follow, the trick is to find the one that works for you. Osho believed in dynamic meditation, the releasing of emotions in movement in order to go deep within. Chakra dancing has evolved to follow a similar path. So find the practise which resonates with you and find that place within where there is just that moment.

Being an analytical Virgonian, I am going to present a format for you to follow in order to successfully bring meditation into your life. The first step, I believe, is to create the actual practise, the doing part. Once you have created the practise then I feel the next step is to try a variety of techniques until you find the one that resonates with you. Being aware that these techniques may change with your needs and time. For example, if you have a lot of Gemini energy within your blueprint then you may want to taste many techniques. Whereas a Scorpio influenced person may choose one technique and go deeper and deeper into it.

The final step will be, how to expand further with your practise / techniques in order to bring them into your daily lives.

Now, let us begin the journey…



Our brain works like a computer, it has many files which guide its behaviour. We have a file which tells us when to brush our teeth, when to shower, when to eat. These programs are often installed at any early time in our lives. For our meditation practise to be successful we need to install a new program, a habit. I have found that by tacking a new file on to a long standing already existing file, is easier than a stand alone file. Therefore, I encourage people to form a habit of meditating at the same time every day. Not a chronological time as that may change according to the day of the week or a change in environment. Instead choose to link it to something you do every day regardless of day, environment or situation. For instance, you may choose to meditate before or after you brush your teeth, have your morning / evening cuppa, after you get out of bed in the morning or before you get into bed in the nightime.

The next condition to bring in to your meditation is to choose the same place to meditate every time. You may set up a cushion, mat, crystals, deities or whatever you wish to have accompany you on your journey. By going to the same place everytime you meditate you are able to build the energy in that particular space. Then each time you go there it becomes stronger and stronger in vibration. Till eventually just by sitting in the space, you enter into your meditation naturally. Like catching the wave and becoming one with the energy it has created.

The Vastu god is seen by some Indians as a great guide in setting up your living space they believe that Vastu’s head, the crown chakra location, is in the north east corner of your home. This is where they recommend you have your temple, place of meditation.

The Buddhist believe that the higher up you are, the closer to the higher realms you are. So they would recommend a place of height. As a practise in awareness, try out different positions within your house to start with. Find the place which resonates with you. Some people may require a quiet part of the house whilst others need to be more present to the comings and goings. Whatever it is for you, find your place and then create your own temple.

It is best to sit on the ground so that you can connect your base chakra to mother earth. It is also important that you stay highly alert throughout the practise. By sitting cross legged, with a straight back you are more likely to do so. If this position is uncomfortable at first, know that with time it will become easier and easier. If we were to become triathletes we would need to practise and practise before we would be ready to participate. So be patient. Don’t forget, at first we are just creating the new file, the new habit.

So at first you may only sit for 30 seconds. Maybe the next day you make 1 minute. Then the next 40 seconds. The trick is to not focus on the time you meditate at first but instead the habit of same place and the same time each day. Once you feel the habit, program, has set itself into your daily life then the actual practise should be addressed.

If you are a traveller or are on holidays you may wish to take the same mat, cushion, temple equipment with you. This equipment holds the energy as you use it more and more. Just as we pack our tooth brush, we may also get into the habit of packing our meditation kit.




In this chapter I will present to you a variety of techniques. They will include led / guided meditations which I have been taught by my higher selves / guides /masters of spiritual origin; Buddhist style meditations; chanting meditations; dynamic meditations; your own spiritually led style of meditation.

The mp3 attatched to this book may be used to follow each of these styles or you may choose to speak them onto a recording device and be guided by your own voice. Remember that perfection is found through the imperfections in life. This guide is not meant to be a bible but a beginning place for you to develop the ability to find your own way into the present moment. When you find you have let go of your practise and again become overcome with the busy mind, simply go back to chapter 1 and start again, without criticism but only with love and support for yourself. One of the biggest obstacles in achieving within our world is the limitations we place on ourselves.

It is not other people’s judgements which really concern us but the trigger they cause within ourselves, to pass judgement on ourselves. To sit in judgement of self is to not accept yourself as you are. So if you know that you are great at sabotaging good things happening in your life or you find commitment difficult, then take the steps through this process slowly and at a pace in which you can succeed. If you stumble, remember that you ARE human, dust yourself off, give yourself a hug and try again. The Buddhist recommend starting each day with setting an affirmation…just for today…

The Yogis talk about becoming more strong-willed by making tapas. That is, you make a commitment to yourself within a measured amount of time. The result of achieving that commitment is more strength, a stronger will. Unfortunately the effect of not achieving is a lesser will. So choose an achievable situation. If this resonates with you then make a tapas. Be concise and make it achievable. For instance you wouldn’t make tapas of meditating every day for a month as a beginner, as this may set you up to fail. However, you could set a tapas of meditating for at least 3 times a week for 1 week. If you do more then fantastic. Meanwhile you develop strength within in an achievable way.

So set your commitment, write it somewhere where it can be seen,( for example your fridge, bathroom mirror, in your car…), and then begin your practise.

Let us now look at specific practises, techniques…


Begin by sitting comfortably, cross legged on the floor, with a straight back. Feel yourself relaxing every muscle, cell, part of your body. Feel your shoulders drop, your arms and legs relax, your fingers and toes release. Whilst still staying sitting with a straight back, alert but relaxed, feel your organs, your bones and your skin relaxing. Feel your whole body take on a vibration of relaxation. Let everything go. Spend a few minutes scanning your body and relaxing and releasing any tension you find.

Having reached a relaxed state we will now imagine roots forming from your base chakra (the base chakra is found between your anus and sexual genitals) and reaching down into the earth below you. Feel them moving through the earth and rooting you to mother earth. Feel the vibration as they travel through the earth. Using your breath. As you breathe in you send your roots down deeper and deeper into the earth. As you breathe out you expand these roots sideways through the earth. Continue with this exercise for a few minutes. Becoming more and more aware of the earth’s vibration as you connect more and more solidly with it. Loving it and receiving the love it returns to you. Unconditional, earthly, lively energy filled with love and feminine vibration.

When you feel you have expanded as far as feels comfortable, just be. Feel that gorgeous energy. Become one with it. Feel the connection you have made. Now, using your breath, draw mother earth’s beautiful energy up from your roots and into your base chakra. As you breathe in draw the energy up. As you breathe out expand this energy within your base chakra. Breathing in ,drawing up and breathing out, expanding the energy within the base chakra.  A bit like  filling up a balloon. Continue this exercise for as long as feels comfortable. Then just be. Feel the energy you have created in your base chakra.

When you are ready to move on. With the next inward breath draw the energy of mother earth up through your roots and into your base chakra, and then up your backbone to your 2nd chakra, around the area of your pubic area. As before, with each inward breath draw the energy up and into this chakra. With each outward breath, feeling the energy expanding within your sacral chakra. Continue with this exercise until you feel you have expanded enough. Then just BE. Feel the energy you have created within the second, sacral chakra. Be aware of any changes in vibration you feel as a result of working on this chakra. Remember to keep breathing, peacefully, lovingly. Remember that you are filling your body with divine earth mother energy, love. Feel it, be it.

As you feel ready, on the next inward breath, draw the mother’s energy from the bottom of each root all the way up through the base chakra, along the backbone to the sacral chakra and along your spine to your 3rd chakra, your solar plexus chakra, situated behind your belly button. Again, breathing in and drawing up the energy. Breathing out expanding this energy. Be aware of the sensation you feel as you draw the energy through each chakra. Feel the energetic vibration this creates within your body. Continue the breathing , energising practise into your 3rd chakra for as long as feels right for you. Then just BE. Feel the energy activation in the lower part of your body. Be aware of any different vibrations in this area, then let it go and BE. Staying here for as long as feels comfortable for you.

Taking your attention back to your deep seeded roots, breathing energy from deep in the earth slowly up to your base chakra. If you need to take a breath along the way, feel free to stop at any chakras and take a moment to exhale. Then as you are ready, continuing to draw the earth energy up to the next chakra and continuing till you reach your heart chakra. Upon reaching your heart chakra breathe the divine mother energy into your heart. Expanding this energy. Like a balloon, every time you breathe out. Continue with this breathing, expanding, feeling your heart filling with unconditional love of the mother, the giver of life to us all. Feel the love expanding within your heart chakra and seeping over into the cells surrounding your heart. Continue this exercise for as long as feels right for you. Then just BE. Swim with awareness in the love you have created together with mother earth. Just BE.

As you feel ready, take your attention back to your roots and begin the exercise again of drawing beautiful earthly energy up through your chakras, stopping whenever necessary to exhale. Upon entering your throat chakra breathe in the energy and expand it with your exhaling breath. Feeling your throat chakra expanding and unlocking with each outward breath. Feeling the whole of your body filling with energy everytime you breathe in. Feeling your spine filling with active vibration, love and pureness. Continue to work on your drawing up and expansion until you feel you are expanded enough. Then just BE. Feel your throat open and free. Notice how free this makes you feel. BE in this freedom. Just BE.

As you feel ready take your attention back to your roots and draw that gorgeous earth mother energy up your spine, through each chakra, taking time to stop at any chakras you feel the need to stop at along the way. Spending a few breaths in these places. Then as you feel ready continuing to draw divine mother energy up until it reaches your 3rd eye, just above your nose and between your eye brows. Expanding the energy within this sacred chakra with each outward breath and then drawing up the energy with each inward breath. Continuing this exercise until your 3rd eye feels alive and alert. Then just BE. Be in that space of vision and intuition. Notice any thoughts, visions which come. Enjoy the expansiveness you have created. Then just BE.

As you feel ready take your attention down to the deepest roots, to the very ends of your roots. Feel yourself draw the energy from theese deep places, deep in mother earths loving heart, up your roots. Feel this loving energy travel up your spine. Passing through your base chakra. Stopping here to exhale. Breathing in and continuing to draw this deep loving energy up into your sacral chakra. Stopping here. Breathing out. Then travelling on to your solar plexus chakra. Stopping here and breathing out . Feeling the power in this chakra. Then using this power pushing up and into your heart chakra. Feeling the loving  energy combining with your own blissful love as you breath out. Take an extra breath here and feel the love expand throughout your body. Pushing out from your heart and into every cell of your body. Continue for 2 more breaths here. Drawing energy up and expanding the love throughout your body.

Then on the next inward breath draw the loving energy from deep in the earth up into your throat chakra, breathing it out into this free, open space. On the next inward breath drawing the energy up to your 3rd eye. Breathing out into vision. Finally with the next inward breath, drawing the divine mother energy up and into your crown chakra, at the top of your head. As you breathe out feel the energy expand within your crown chakra. Continue to draw and expand until you feel the energy begin to shoot out of the top of your head. Then just BE. Feel the energy coursing through your core meridian, filling each chakra with energy and love as it travels up your spine, up your neck, through your 3rd eye, up to your crown chakra and then burst out and into the heavens. Feel the open circuit you have made between mother earth and the heavens.

Then just BE. Let go of your focus on your breath. BE. When you feel ready to complete your meditation, take your attention back to the roots you created and one by one, draw your roots back into your base chakra. Once complete. BE. Feel the energy you have created within your body. Know that at any time when you feel low in energy you can perform this practise.  You are loved by mother earth and the heavens. So just BE.

As you are ready to come back, start to become aware of the sounds around you. Begin to move your fingers and toes. Slowly opening your eyes, taking your time. Bringing your hands into prayer position in front of your heart, thanking mother earth, the heavens, yourself and all involved for such an amazing, loving experience. Namaste.

How was that experience for you? At first you may only feel touches of energy passing through you, here and there. With practise you will become more aware. By using your imagination you are able to direct the flow of energy. This flow will occur, under direction, whether you feel it or not. Awareness is the key to sensorily noticing it.

This is a great meditation for when you need to be energised or grounded. The use of your breath makes it a powerful and dynamic meditation. Make sure you drink lots of water after such a major energy workout.

Enjoy the rest of your day / night. Namaste.



In this meditation the aim is to bring the right and left sides of the brain closer together. So that they can work as one. led intuitively through the logic of the mind. It is stated that a male’s 2 sides are further apart than a womans.Once the 2 sides have been interlaced it’s about going into the pineal gland and exercising it. Why do we do this? It is the gland attatched to our intuition, a place of mystery …like everything , if we wish to become more aware then we need to exercise the gland in charge of this area, the intuition. Let us begin

Begin by sitting comfortably, with your back straight, shoulders down and love in your heart. Feel your feet and toes relaxing. Your knees and legs releasing and relaxing. Your lower body area releasing and relaxing. Your organs within your body releasing n relaxing. Letting go. Releasing. Relaxing. Your upper body, your spine, shoulders releasing n relaxing. Feel your fingers, wrists and arms releasing n relaxing. Keeping your back straight, sitting comfortably, releasing and relaxing. Feel your neck, mouth, nostrils, eyes releasing and relaxing. Eyes are closed with eye balls sitting nice n relaxed inside the sockets. Feeling your scalp and all your skin releasing and relaxing. Spend a few minutes here, noticing how the body feels when it is released and relaxed. Feel the vibration this produces. Notice what happens to your breathing in this state. Then let it all go. Releasing and relaxing.

Let us begin. Take your attention to the space between your eyebrows, just below your 3rd eye. Imagine you have majic thread and begin to knit one side of your brain to the other side. Working from the front of the brain, upwards and then back towards the neck. With each thread you sew, feel the 2 sides being pulled together into one. Feel the division between the two closing in. Knitting one side to the other. Left to right. Right to left. Continue joining the two sides. Using your breath. Breathing in as you stretch the thread to the other side. As you pause between the joins, threading it through that side. Then breathing out, bringing the thread back to the other side. When you reach the spinal column, the neck, continue threading back to the front. Each time going deeper and deeper. Joining the 2 sides so that the brain becomes one. Continue this process for the next 10 minutes.

On the next inward breath make your way back to the 3rd eye, where you began. Now let’s take our attention to the 3rd eye. From this position, journey directly into the middle of the brain. You will come to the pineal gland. A small pea sized sphere. Imagine yourself journeying inside this gland. Once inside have a look around. Observe any sensations you feel from being in this majical place.

Let’s now take our attention back to our breath. Without changing our breath, on the next inward breath feel yourself in the pineal gland. On the next exhalation feel your breath expanding the pineal gland, blowing it up like a balloon. On the inward breath hold the gland in this expanded form. On the ourtward breath expand it bigger. Continue with holding the walls of the gland on the inward breaths and expanding them with the out ward breath. Keep expanding this gland until you feel you have gone far enough.

Continue to breath, focusing on holding the gland in its expanded form. Continue this exercise for however long this feels comfortable to you.

As you are ready, imagine yourself sitting inside this expanded gland. Be aware of any sensations you feel. Feel free to ask any questions you have and then notice what happens when you’ve asked them. Sit in this gland for as long as you wish.

When you are ready you will let go of the expanded gland and take your awareness back out through your brain and to the 3rd eye, between your eyebrows but just above. Feel your focus here. Notice any new sensations you now feel here, any vibrations, visions, tastes, smells or thoughts. Spend a few minutes here.

As you are ready let go of the practise. Bring your attention back to the now. Keeping your eyes closed, become aware of any noises around you. Insects, cars, people. Slowly start to move your fingers and toes. As you feel comfortable opening your eyes. Bringing your hands into prayer position, thanking all for such a beautiful meditation. NAMASTE.

This meditation may leave you feeling quite high so don’t operate any machinery until you feel you have grounded, come back fully. It is a great meditation for opening your 3rd eye and developing your intuition. Seeing where you are going. Happy meditating. Namaste.



This is a great meditation for meeting your guides. Why meet your guides? When you need advice or someone to talk to whom you can trust and whom you know love you unconditionally. Sometimes I go to this place just to sit in the warmth of their love. They say you are born with some guides who stay with you for your whole life. I have noticed that other guides come and go along the way. When I come into contact with someone of my soul group I notice that they are also in spirit form in this sacred place.

In this meditation you will also meet your animal guides. Again these may change with time. I began with a hawk as my animal guide. This then evolved into an eagle. Other animals have come and gone along the way. However, when I need to see the bigger picture I know that I can call on eagle energy and fly above the situation to see what is really happening.

So get comfortable and enjoy this beautiful and exciting journey.

Close your eyes and scan your body from your toes up, for any tension. As you come across any tension, notice it, know that it is not permanent, watch it pass and then continue scanning. If the tension continues, readjust your body and finds a comfortable position. Continue to scan from your toes, up your legs, up your body, front and back, your fingers, up your arms, drop your shoulders, your neck, face, back of your head, whole body. Feeling your whole body releasing and relaxing. Keeping your back straight, eyes closed and yet your body relaxed and free.

Once you feel relaxed, but alert, imagine yourself somewhere in nature. Maybe it is your favourite place to go or maybe you have never been there. Imagine yourself sitting, as you are now, in this beautiful place in nature. Look around you. Drink it all in. behind you, you hear an animal approaching. It comes around in front of you. It embraces you in its own way. Meet your animal guide. Spend some time with this animal. Maybe you have a play together, maybe it tells you messages, or maybe you just sit with love for each other. Spend some time here.

As you are ready you notice a track going off to the left of where you are. Your animal guide walks with you along this track. Continue to drink in the scenery as you walk along it. You come to the end of the track and notice a clearing in front of you. Across the clearing is a home. It may be in the form of a cottage or a cave. Or maybe it looks like a treehouse.  Whatenver it looks like to you, say farewell to your animal spirit, knowing it will be there when you return, and begin to walk towards the home.

When you get to the home you walk through the entrance. As you enter, a person approaches you and embraces you. The hug feels like it is so full of love that you may burst out into a million butterflies. You stay in this embrace for as long as you wish.

As you are ready, you look at the person and they introduce themselves. You ask them for a message and spend some time talking with them. Take your time. Next you notice another person there. You go to them and they too embrace you with love in their hearts. You introduce yourself to them and they too you. Again, you sit and talk. Asking any questions you wish or maybe just enjoying the warmth of the love you share together. Stay with this person for as long as you wish.

As you are ready, meet any others you notice in this home. Embrace and share with them.

After a while it is time to return to your special place. You farewell each of these special people, knowing that you can come back to them anytime you wish. You leave the home the same way you entered, walking back through the clearing. You notice your animal guide waiting for you. Together you return along the path to your special place in narture. Once here you farewell your animal, knowing you can connect with it anytime you wish. You sit down where you began, close your eyes, and return to your body sitting in this space where the journey began.

Spend a few moments with your eyes closed recounting what you just saw and heard. As you are ready let go of the practise, holding on to the beautiful love vibration you felt in your heart. Start to become aware of the sounds, smells around you. Then as you feel able, wriggle your toes and fingers. Slowly opening your eyes.

Bringing your hands into prayer position, thanking all for being a part of such a loving journey. Namaste.

You have just met your guides, both animal and human-like. You have just been to your sacred homes in both nature and building-like. Once you have been to this place you can go back any time you wish. This is your sacred place and will continue to exist on another plane. With meditation you can access this plane as you wish.

When we first begin to meditate we need to use our imagination to lead us. With time this vehicle draws us to the required places and our visions become more authentic.


In this meditation you will learn how to create pranic energy within your own body. Remember to practise, practise, practise. Only with practise do we get stronger in our meditation. Focus and discipline make for a successful practise. Once you feel comfortable with a meditation, practise it in your own time frame. Do it without my guidance and be led by your guides to customize it to your ways / needs.

Let us begin. Sitting comfortably, back straight, closing your eyes, take a deep breath in, hold it and slowly release  it. Breathe in the beautiful air around you, feeling the amazing cosmic energy entering every cell of your body with each inward breath. With each outward breath let everything go, feel the toxins being removed from your body. Feel any negative thoughts being released. Any pent up anger being released. Breathe it all out. On each inward breath, breathing in love, compassion, vibrant cosmic energy and with every outward breath releasing what is not serving you. Breathing in love, breathing out toxins. In and out. Continue with this breath for a few minutes, placing your focus on love and release. Feel it come and feel it go.

On the next inward breath take your attention to your base chakra. Feel this area of your body. Feel its connnection to mother earth. On each inward breath draw mother earth energy up and into your base chakra. On the outward breath hold it here. On the next inward breath draw mother earth energy from the earth up past your base chakra and as you breath out push this energy up and into your sacral, 2nd chakra. Hold this energy here with a full breath cycle. On the next inward breath draw earth, telluric , energy up your meridian, past your 1st and 2nd chakra. On the outward breath push this energy up and into your solar plexus chakra, 3rd chakra. Take a full breath cycle here. Feel the earth energy waking up your lower chakras. As you are ready draw in your breath as you draw the telluric energy up past your base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. As you breathe out push the energy up and into your heart chakra. Take a few breaths here. Feel the mothers loving energy fill every part of your heart. With the next inward breath draw up the telluric energy up past your base chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra and as you breathe out feel the energy move into your throat chakra. Feel your throat chakra open up with each breath.

As you are ready breathe the telluric energy up through the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and into the 3rd eye chakra. Feel your 3rd eye open with vision and prana. Continuing to breathe into this chakra, from the earth up and into this chakra.

With the next inward breath draw it up past your base chakra, 2nd, 3rd, h3eart, throat, 3rd eye and with your outward breath pushing the energy into your crown chakra. Feel your whole head fill with golden earthly energy. Take a few breaths here. Then using your breathing in and out push the energy down to the front of your 3rd eye chakra. As you breathe out push the energy to the next chakra, throat chakra and as you breath in fill that chakra. Then breathing out push the energy to the front of your heart chakra and then filling your heart chakra on the inward breath.

Continue this process al the way back down to the base chakra. Creating a cycle, then continue up the back of the chakras. Thus moving the earth energy up the back of the chakras and then down the front of the chakras. Using your inward breath to fill the chakras and the outward breath to push on to the next chakra. Always drawing on the telluric energy. Continue this for as long as you wish. When you have finished let go of the breath and feel the lively energy vibration pulsing through you. Sit in this vibration for as long as you can. Remember its feeling, knowing you can draw on it anytime you wish.

If you wish to extend this meditation add the following part on

Keeping your eyes closed, imagine there is a bright spotlight shining above your head. Feel it shining into your crown chakra. Feel the intenseness of how bright and full of energy it is. It almost feels like it’s burning the top of your head. Taking your focus to your breath, on the next inward breath, feel the energy its created in your crown chakra. As you breathe out push this bright white light down the front of your body and into your 3rd eye chakra. As you breathe in feel the energy sitting in this chakra. On the next out ward breath push this gorgeous white light cosmic energy from above your head, through your crown chakra, down the front of your body into your 3rd eye chakra and down the front of your body to your throat chakra. Breathe this gorgeous bright white light energy into your throat chakra.

 On the next out ward breath feel yourself pushing this gorgeous energy further down the front of your body and into your heart chakra. Keep feeling the energy drawing down from above with every breath and feel it culminating in your heart chakra.

If possible, at the same time feel the energy drawing up from the earth through the back of your body, through your base , 2nd, 3rd chakras and into your heart chakra. Feel these flows happening simultaneously, drawing from below and above and meeting in the heart. With each inward breath draw the energy into your heart. With each outward breath expand this energy out, as if you are blowing up your heart with gorgeous loving white light earthly energy. Continue this process with your own breath, expand the energy beyond your heart and into every cell of your body. Filling them with prana, loving earthly and cosmic white light energy.

When you feel you have filled every cell, let go of the practise and sit with your eyes closed, enjoying the vibrations you have created. As you are ready start to become aware of the noises around you, wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes. Bringing your hands into prayer position in front of your heart, thanking all for such a beautiful experience. Namaste.


MEDITATION ….Tantric Vipassanna

This meditation I learnt at agama yoga school in Thailand. It is a Buddhist style, tantric style meditation. It’s Buddhist in that you are using a stabilising technique of focussing on one object, your breath. It’s a tantric style in that you focus on the energy centres of the body. It is a great meditation for awareness.

So find yourself a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes and relax your body, keeping your back straight. Start to take attention to your breath. Notice it going in and out through your nostrils. Making sure you don’t influence your breath, just watch it, observe. Continue to observe the breath for another 5 minutes. Becoming aware of any sensations you create in the nostril area.

Now let’s bring your attention to your breath going all the way in to your lungs. Observe the breath going into your lungs. Feel any sensations this creates within your heart area, your heart chakra. With each inward breath feel the breath, energy, entering into your heart chakra. Keep observing this process, without influencing it, just watching it and feeling the energy it creates within your heart chakra. Continue with this practise for another 5 minutes.

Now we are going to focus also on the outward breath. As we breathe in we pay attention to the energy we create within our heart chakra. As we breathe out we imagine we are breathing out through our crown chakra, the top of our head. Breathing in we focus on our heart chakra, breathing out we focus on our crown chakra. Imagine a white pearl in your heart chakra, as you breath out this pearl raises up into your crown chakra,  as you breath in it drops back down to your heart chakra. Keep focussing , observing the heart chakra on the inward breath and the crown chakra on the outward breath. Feeling the energy in these two chakras as you breathe in, and, out. Breathing in, heart chakra, breathing out, crown chakra.

If you are an auditory person you may say within your own mind, hum as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Continue this practise, focussing only on your breath and the chakras. Continue this practise for another 20 minutes. Any time your mind drifts, bring your focus back to the breath.

On completion of the practise let go of your attention to breath. Become aware of any new sensations you have created in the body. With particular attention to the crown and heart chakras. Letting go. Bringing your hands into prayer position in front of your heart space, thanking all for such a beautiful meditation. Namaste.


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