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Meditation Techniques

Posted by peter mitchell on Wednesday, February 27, 2013,

MEDITATION….a Peace of Mind


You may have heard the word awareness being thrown around. What does this mean? There are many interpretations, mine is simple. To be in every moment. Not just physically but mentally, energetically, emotionally and, eventually, karmically. Why, you may ask, bother ?  You may have noticed that our brain , thinking, is going faster than ever before. That we often find ourselves lost in logic. That we have more decisions to make than ever before and less basis ...

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sacred geometry

Posted by peter mitchell on Monday, February 25, 2013,
I'd like to pose an idea. if our environment is all constructed geometrically, according to the golden mean, then does that mean that there is no chicken or egg scenario? it is all based on maths! What do you think?
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Posted by peter mitchell on Wednesday, February 20, 2013,

hi all. im just new to blogging so please feel free to give me any feedback on What id like to share today is the power of the equinox. this is a time when factually we are in a state of equal night n day; equal balance; crossing over time from long days to long nights... whats my take on it? well, i felt a major shift in consciousness at last years eclipse, around 12th nov 2012. i feel that we are heading for another major shift over the week holding the eclipse. that bei...
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