hi all. im just new to blogging so please feel free to give me any feedback on nightojo@yahoo.com. What id like to share today is the power of the equinox. this is a time when factually we are in a state of equal night n day; equal balance; crossing over time from long days to long nights... whats my take on it? well, i felt a major shift in consciousness at last years eclipse, around 12th nov 2012. i feel that we are heading for another major shift over the week holding the eclipse. that being on the 20th march 2013. i see it as a time when we can put forward our intentions for the coming year. the eclipse, to me, presents a portal which allows us to travel through. i do not mean physically but on a conscious level. why not journey from what is to where n where n what u would like to be???
now is the time , in preperation for the eclipse, when we can prepare ourselves with the ingredients we would like to include in our new begining.
thats all for now.
peace, light n love
pixi lovestar