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Weekly Classes

Mystery School Class

These classes will support people to learn the bigger picture of the universe. Many ancient teachings looked deeply into the esoteric areas. This study will be self directed with guidance on-line by the teachers of the school. Jo is available to provide support in learning areas such as time travel, alchemy, multidimensionalism.....

Guidance will be provided on-line. If interested email

By donation

Healing Night 

These nights will be led by Great Spirit. They are a time of learning and developing skills within. Gathering and working in a larger group allows us to expand and amplify our energy. This time is for those interested in self healing or for those working as healers. The skills we will develop include seeing Auras, telepathy, crystals, Psychic abilities plus more.  Wednesday nights from 6.30 -8.30pm. 

Text to attend 0438137222

Meditation Class 

These classes will begin once there are enough interested people. We will sit once a week on Wednesday mornings at 8am - 9am. During this time I will teach you a variety of Meditation Techniques. Classes are by donation /exchange. 

These classes will explore a variety of meditation techniques. We will explore Buddhist styles, Osho, Chanting / Mantras, guided and many more. Students will be expected to practise the teachings in their own time. The classes will be an opportunity to learn new techniques, and so find the method which works best for you.

These classes will be uploaded weekly. You may download them and so set up a daily practice in your own home. Please begin with the introduction to meditation.

For those interested please book in by texting 0438137222.

Unschooling Gathering

We will gather once a week at Gunya to support our children's love of learning. Unschooling philosophy believes that children naturally want to learn. Thus we provide a rich environment in which to stimulate our children's minds. All welcome.Gatherings will be held on Wednesday  from 8 - 11am.



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