At Gunya we have set up a school for children who wish to network as unschoolers. we are interested in you, the children, writing your own curriculums, teaching each other and following your own desires in learning. As a trained teacher, i am available to support you in accessing the information you require to learn. I envision this school to be a place of meeting, networking and a cyber school with the ability to link children from any place in the world together. for those interested in attending this space to learn i am open to making this space available. its up to you, the students to come forth and set out what you would like to happen. for the younger crew, still learning to voice their needs, i am open to hearing from parents in how i can best facilitate them in holding space for their children. We have a teacher interested in providing a playgroup a few times a week. more information will be updated on this as it comes closer.  lets be the change.

OTHER LINKS / RESOURCES  .... this link is the notice you may use to write to the education department in Queensland in regard to schoolling your child from home. On filling in your version of this form you may use this with centrelink to register your child as a home schooler.. notice is for conditionally accepting vaccination for your child baised on them assuming liability for any damage occurring as a result of this treatment. this is the cover letter to go with the above vaccination notice.


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